House rules


The rooms and common areas of Phoenix Design Rooms are non-smoking, so guests are kindly requested to smoke only in the designated area at the entrance. In the case of apartments with a terrace, smoking is allowed on the balcony / terrace.
Our guests can occupy the apartments from 14:00.
The gate of the pension is permanently closed, so we recommend using the intercom on arrival or calling the telephone number provided in the booking confirmation, and the automatic gate will be opened immediately, through which you can drive into the closed courtyard car park. The gates can also be operated from the inside with wall switches, and we also provide a touch card for the duration of your stay in the pension. These can be used to open the gate by touching a sensor on a pole from the street or the yard without having to get out of the vehicle.
Guests are kindly requested to confirm the completeness of the room inventory with a signature upon receipt of the guest room.
If a shortage is found in the inventory list, they can indicate this at the reception within one hour of their arrival and we will replace the missing equipment.
When leaving the building, you will always hand over your room key together with the door opener card at reception.
Do not leave your key inside the lock.
If you forgot to lock your key in the lock, the cost of reopening your room will be charged to your account, which is 50 Eur.
The contracting parties are obliged to make the removed rooms available on the day of departure, if possible between 08:00 and 11:00, but no later than 11:00.
If you move out after 11:00, the House is entitled to debit the Guest’s account for half a day.
If you move out after 18:00, you will be charged an extra night.
Please notify reception at the reception 20 minutes before the final departure of your apartment in order to check the room inventory.
If an discrepancy or damage is detected during the inventory check, the value of the missing or damaged assets will be debited to your account.
Breakfast from 07:00 to 10:00, the location of which is available at the reception.
For stays of 12 + 1 days, we sign a rental contract with our guests
For our guests with a rental contract, cleaning, change of bed linen and towels takes place once a week on Thursday or Friday, application can be made at the reception by appointment.
We also inform our guests with a rental contract to have the rubbish placed in front of the door every morning between 7:00 and 9:00.
Dishwashing liquid, detergent and other hygiene items can be requested at the reception for a fee.
If you leave your apartment, please always close the door and windows, as well as your electrical appliances, do not leave the air conditioner on.
Please refrain from any behavior or activity that disturbs the peace of others, regardless of the time of day, in the rooms and in the associated common and shared room and area.
The accommodation provider has the right to settle the service at all times, or for interim settlement.
Animals may only be brought in with the prior consent of the House and, where applicable, for a fee.
You can stay in your apartment at your own risk
The Civil Code is not liable for securities, cash or other valuables held by the guest or stored in his / her room.
6: 369. § (2).
Other provisions in the General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at the reception.